Friday, September 18, 2009

Josh Kalis on DGK Skateboards

So if you haven't heard there had been some rumors about Kalis riding for DGK. I thought that it might be true because him and Stevie Williams have been homies for years. Plus Stevie owns DGK. So the rumors seemed like it was pretty legit and that it might be reality. What do you think? Its official that Josh Kalis rides for DGK?
 [Update: Espn has a full interview confirming Josh Kalis joining Stevie Williams on DGK]

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  1. Kalis is to skateboarding to what Tookie Williams was to the Crypts = OG's of 'Keepin it real'

    AWS/Burton played themselves. Point blank.

    Good to see Kalis joining forces with Stevie once again - Straight up.

    Much support.



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