Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Plan B Skateboards leaving syndrome, and Black Label Going to Syndrome

 I also heard that Quicksilver is going to buy Plan B. That would make sense since they (Quicksilver) already own DC shoes and they have such strong ties with Plan B. Just sit back and watch Syndrome disappear? No i don't think so... Black label skateboards is already working things out with syndrome dist. They are a strong brand that will defiantly do well there. On top of that Syndrome was paying the Plan B riders way too much money and not selling enough boards. So im sure Black label wont be paying their riders 10 thousand a month each... There is also a new Plan B rider so wait a couple days and see..

Collin Provost on Emerica

Collin Provost has been sporting Emerica for a while now. But now its official and he's part of the crew.

Felipe Gustavo Joins The Plan B Crew

Felipe Gustavo rides for Plan B now. Damn this is a sick welcome video.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I havent been posting  because there hasnt been anything good going on in skateboarding for a while now... The crossroads joined up with its arch enemy ASR. I doubt that you really wanted me to go there. Team changes? Who really cares. New Vid links... All ABD's . Well thanks.